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Problems with dampness within homes or properties is a very common issue. With the amount of rainfall we have been receiving in Ghana over the past few years, and the fact that research has proven that our lands have been saturated with high percentage of water and salt it is of no surprise that many homeowners may experience damp issues. But what exactly is the type of damp problem you might be suffering from?

Below, we look at the 3 main types of dampness that might be affecting you to try and help homeowners identify the particular issue affecting you.  If you do recognize any of the issues below, simply click on the appropriate link/button to find out more information along with help & advice to how you can get to the source of the issue as well as guidance towards treatments and how you can find help to remedy the damp problem.

Let us help you to identify a damp problem

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Condensation problems

Condensation is the most
common cause of damp
problems. If condensation
is allowed to build up,
then over time you may
begin to notice persistent damp stains,
degradation of finish and potentially decay to timber There could be a number of reasons why you have a condensation issue, but most are caused by a lack of ventilation in the property. To find out how you can resolve the issue, click on the button below


Rising damp problems

Rising damp occurs
when external ground
water is drawn up
through brickwork by
what is known as
‘capillary action’.

Controlling/treating rising damp
can take different forms and is
often misdiagnosed. To avoid misdiagnosis, it is important that investigations into rising damp are undertaken by a trained and competent surveyor.

To learn more about rising damp, the visual signs indicating a problem and what is involved in treating the damp problem, simply click the button below


Penetrating damp problems

Damp problems from
penetrating damp occur
when is allowed to come
through the home/building.
This is typically the result
of faulty brickwork, pipes,
roof tiles or window frames etc.

Have you noticed damp staining on the outside of the building? Are your rainwater management goods, gutters and downpipes ok? Do you have any cracked or defective render that may be causing the issue.  

To find out more visit our page about penetrating damp by clicking the button below. 



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